Wine Safari is a boutique offer for the gourmet of nature, culture heritage, food and wine.

From our flagship vineyard hunts and heritage safari, to tours tailored to your small group interests and timeline, from excursions along the riverbanks of Danube upon three European countries to UNESCO jewels, we offer the ultimate in experience of what one is looking for.

Wine Safari is a clustered attraction product supporting environment-friendly approach of lovers of traditions, natural ventures and dining habits.

We provide ready-to-visit attraction packages that fit any visitor or resident who would like to get closer to the countryside – just being opening the door behind the suburbia ends of the capital of Slovakia. One could choose a visit to a small family wine maker or an industrial tour in the larger wine manufacturers and extended vineyard estates.

We also do provide personal services, working directly with you to craft tours based on a group tastes, budgets, agenda and dates, and continually seek out new venues to ensure the best dining adventures on our wine-related culture and traditions tours.

Unlikely many travel agents, we work as a NGO to greater boost and promote regional values and nature beauties. We intend to show visitors what natural heritage means for all of us. We demonstrate how wine production triggers the economic and culture development of the Small Carphatian villages and settlements– first and foremost, it is our passion.