Romance still exists

Wedding on Wheels in Vineyards

Do you want her? Take her into a wagon, a chariot, and a Pinzgauer!

In Vino Veritas and it gives courage to the Groom

We will provide: priest, violin music, and wine

Price: 799 euro, capacity eight people, duration 3 hours



WINESAFARI Svaty Jur Slovakia local glass of wine tasting attraction the best guided tour outdoor fun Pinzgauer new experience vineyards in Bratislava area close to Vienna Austria in Central Europe glass porcelain flowers and evening romance with your girlfriend

Romantika ešte existuje

Svadba na kolesách vo viniciach

Chceš ju?

Zober ju do voza, do koča a do Pinzgauera!

In Vino veritas,

Zabezpečíme: Farára, Husle,Víno

Cena : 799 euro, kapacita 8 ľudí, trvanie 3h