Welcome on Board

Yes, I said a 6-wheeled car.

Yes, in the vineyards.

Yes, for eight people.

Yes, yes, yes, there will be wine as well as food.

Welcome on board!

Your Steyer Pinzgauer – Small Carpathian Dragon


The 6-wheel safari car takes you behind the city Renaissance walls to the vine terraces. The car crawls slowly up the stony hill, meandering through the hilly plots. Some vineyards are abandoned and covered with vine roses or blackberry bushes.

In 20 c. the socialist era brought a different approach to winemaking in the area. The vineyards were taken out from owners and an agricultural cooperative, also known as a farmers’ co-op, was established. Most of the old vines were replaced by fast-growing and high harvesting varieties such as Sylvain.

The Velvet Revolution changed the wine traditions: some people got back their land, other paid a fortune to erect a mansion house overlooking the fields of the preserve marshland, named Šur.

The first tasting comes on the sun-kissed hills offering lovely vistas. The safari driver takes you to most picturesque places for a tasting of Riesling wine varieties. While tasting the white elixir in the vineyards, the local sommelier presents the old traditions of planting – twisting the vine around the wooded stick supporting its climbing leaves.

The safari car takes you to a couple of places across the vineyards. You taste at least 3 types of fresh wines airy with the texture of specific soil characteristics. Heats promise to crown very good harvesting this year.