22000 Pint’o Wine


In busy 16 and 17 centuries, the town lived its “golden times” due to exclusive local wine production, which was exported to Poland, Bohemia and Silesia. The local winemakers gained a status of an independent royal town in 17c by bringing over 22.000 liters to the royal courtyard a year.

Some historical sources highlight that local wine-makers bring the mold-attacked grapes called cibéba into fashion at the Viennese and Prague courtyard in 18 c.

The city of St George or Svätý Jur used to be home for Slovaks, Germans, and Jews living together in the times of the world wars in 20 century.

Many of the houses in Bavarian style (Saxony) – high flats, shallow basement and courtyard located farm buildings, remind you that German winemakers were offered land in Svätý Jur by the ruler and got many benefits encouraging wine production.